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Meet Our Staff

Group of medical staffWe are staffed with individuals who are trained to cater to the needs of persons with a disability to help them learn, socialize, and exercise. Our staff members are capable of providing different programs and customized activities so that our clients will enjoy their day with us.

You are always guaranteed that our caregivers practice the principles of self-determination. It has always been a policy in our facility to incorporate the concepts of self-determination so that our clients can achieve their personal choices with greater control. We are here to serve and assist your loved ones, as they seek the kind of life they want to live.

You are guaranteed that our qualified staff will be of assistance to your loved ones day in and day out so they can participate in activities that could bring enjoyment and help them find meaning in the life that they are leading. Our staff members are totally knowledgeable in the concepts of an individualized service plan as the basis and foundation of the services we offer. This plan that we always espouse allows our clients to let out their needs, goals, and wishes to the service providers who will be assisting them. We see to it that self-determination is the focal point as to how our staff members direct the services they render to our clients.