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Supportive Living

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Supportive Living
Supported Living services form a segment of residential service options that cater to individuals with disabilities, enabling them to live in a suitable and least restrictive home environment. The objective is to provide a sense of independence and choice to the individual and/or their family. Those availing of supportive living services may opt to reside in their own home or with their family while receiving support from Ohio’s DD system. The County Board of DD and local residential service providers arrange services and support in a community setting at a local level.

Shared Living
Ohio Shared Living is an excellent solution for adults with developmental disabilities who require support while living with a family member or caregiver. This program allows the individual to reside with one or more family members or caregivers who provide twenty percent or more of their care and support services. Shared Living family members and caregivers offer support to adults with developmental disabilities in a home setting, providing several benefits that include the nurturing of family bonds, long-term relationships, and community connections. Additionally, this program offers consistency of care, a safe environment, and the opportunity to experience genuine community life.

Shared Living services promote shared decision-making, allowing the person to develop life routines of their choice. These services are part of a range of residential service options that offer support and services that allow individuals with disabilities to live in the most appropriate and least restrictive home environment. The choice of living in their own home or with family is entirely up to the person, using support provided through Ohio’s DD system.