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Homemaker / Personal Care

Homemaker/Personal Care, commonly called HPC, is a type of support that helps individuals become more independent while fulfilling their daily living requirements. The goal of homemaker/personal care is to promote independence within the home and community and assist individuals in meeting their daily living needs. Some examples of the support provided include:

  • Self-Advocacy training that helps individuals express their personal preferences, assert their rights, and make responsible choices.
  • Self-direction that encourages individuals to make decisions and choices that affect their lives.
  • Daily Living Skills training that includes assistance with meal preparation, personal care, and self-administration of medication.
  • Implementation of recommended therapeutic interventions under the direction of a professional, which may include reinforcing physical, occupational, speech, and other therapeutic programs.
  • Behavioral support strategies that assist individuals in expressing emotions appropriately, being assertive, or acquiring socially appropriate behaviors.
  • Medical and health care services, such as routine administration of medication or tending to the needs of individuals who are ill or require ongoing medical attention.
  • Emergency response training that helps individuals develop responses to emergencies, plan for prevention, and train to use equipment or technologies.
  • Community access services that explore community services available to all people and activities that help individuals become more integrated into and have more access to the community.
  • Assistance with personal finances when provided with other components of homemaker/personal care.